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Using AI to Accelerate Software Design

A domain model in Qlerify generated with AI
Domain modeling in Qlerify

In the beginning of April, Virtual DDD hosted a webinar about AI in domain modeling. Virtual DDD is one of the largest software design communities ( The webinar was presented by Staffan Palopää, co-founder of Qlerify.

Some highlights from the webinar:

  • Eric Evans, the inventor of Domain Driven Design, discusses with Staffan about the possibilities of adopting AI in software design

  • Demonstration of how to use Generative AI to create domain models

  • Demonstration of how to use AI to generate skeleton source code for APIs/Microservices based on the domain models

  • Demonstration of how to combine AI generated content with knowledge from domain experts

The webinar was recorded and you can access the recording here:

Source code for an API generated with AI
AI generated source code in Qlerify

Don't hesitate to reach out if you would like to discuss how AI can be used to accelerate software design!



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