Map your business domain at the speed of thought

Qlerify is a software modeling tool and a remote co-editing workspace that dramatically reduces the time and effort needed to define and document business domains and new software features. It supports powerful tools such as Event Storming, BEAM (Business Event Analysis and Modelling), User Story Mapping and Business Process Modelling.

Qlerify - Remote Event Storming

Sort out complex business flows in minutes!

How does it work? Sign up, invite the right people to a shared workspace and get your workshop started. Qlerify makes it easy to add key domain events, arrange them on a time line and add triggers, remarks, policies, etc. The result is a dramatically improved understanding of the business and the problems it might have. You can also gather software requirements, such as user stories and easily export content to Jira.

Why Qlerify?

Do you have the need to clarify the big picture of business  events in you organisation? Or do you need a powerful way of modelling business processes and gather software requirements? 

Qlerify offers you the fastest and easiest way of running  online Event Storming and BEAM workshops, both on site and remote. 

Qlerify has been used in workshops to spot bottlenecks in business processes thereby reducing operational lead times with several weeks and to enhance communication between business and developers thereby cutting lead times för new features with several weeks.

Remote Event Storming
Business domain




Visualise the whole flow of key domain events on a time line.

Expand the model with Triggers, Policies, Remarks, User Stories, etc. Or why not try the 7W's (Who, What, When, Where, Why, How, How many).

If you have identified user stories you can easily prioritise them and export the backlog to Jira.

Who is Qlerify for?

Facilitators, business analysts, product owners, project managers, architects, BI professionals or entrepreneurs that want a powerful method to quickly explore and understand a business domain or model BI requirements. Usually in the context of enterprise software development.