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About us

We are experienced tech entrepreneurs helping organisations increase speed in digitilization projects with our process and data modeling platform

Performance Meeting

"The biggest challenge today is not to code faster,
but to understand the domain faster"
                                                              Alberto Brandolini

We created Qlerify because we were tired of dysfunctional software development projects. Especially terrible requirement gathering meetings where people talk past each other for hours, weeks and months, until finally giving up. We set out to create the tools and methods that we wanted for use ourselves. During our journey we have implemented support for powerful methods such as Event Storming, BEAM, BPM, User Story Mapping and Domain Driven Design. After several iterations we released the first scalable version of our tool in 2022 and can finally help customers increase their chances of success.

Meet The Team

Portrait image of Nikolaus

Nikolaus Varzakakos

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Image of staffan

Staffan Palopää

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Portrait image of Kristoffer

Kristofer Klerfalk

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Chairman of the Board

Portrait image of Miikka

Miikka Kataja

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Head of Sales

The Qlerify Tool

The Qlerify platform allows users to create process and data models with an unprecedented ease and speed by using Generative AI and a unique drag and drop user interface. Read more about how we differentiate ourselves from similar tools here.  

Partner With Us

We are looking for more partners! Unlock new growth possibilities and get a competitive advantage in your customer projects. Reach out if you would like to know more.


Our existing partners can be found here.  

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