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How we used the Qlerify platform to create RFP requirements in record time

One of our customers was procuring a new software application and had a challenging schedule. They needed to create all the RFP documents in less than two weeks. We were able to help our customer create high quality RFP requirements by using the Qlerify platform before the deadline.

The new application had 3 different user groups:

· Super admins

· Admins

· End Users

We decided to run one workshop per user group and gathered all the relevant stake holders in a zoom call to try to gather all the system requirements for each user group. Each workshop lasted 2-3 hours.

During the workshops we applied Event Storming to quickly identify and visualize the sequence of events and the user journeys. At the same time we recorded all the functional requirements raised by the stake holders in a user story format. All the requirement documentation was produced in real-time while all the stake holders were gathered.

During a separate workshop we interviewed other stake holders regarding all the essential non-functional requirements and added the requirements to the backlog during the workshop.

During a final meeting we finalized and agreed on the user journeys, user stories and prioritized all the requirements using User Story Mapping. The user journeys were saved in pdf format and the backlog was exported to an excel file and attached to the RFP-document.

The entire process above was carried out in less than a week. Without a platform like Qlerify, this process would have taken 3-4 weeks.

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