What our users say

Qlerify has proven its value for rapidly capturing business domain knowledge during many remote workshops. During the workshops we have applied agile models such as Event Storming, Business Process Modelling, User Story Mapping or BEAM to capture and document complex domain knowledge in real-time.


"Qlerifiy gives us total control over the customer flows and processes. A perfect tool for collaboration that supports agile ISO standards and philosophy: plan, do, check, act."

Christian Tärnholm, CoFounder & CMO MediCheck AB


"Qlerify is a live map of our business and helps us run the organization remotely"


Adam Bolay, Founder Vollo AB

Business process modelling  tools
Remote Event Storming

"With Qlerify we managed to build a strong onboarding process, set priorities, and stay on target"

Jane Vyshnova, CEO Dinarys GmbH



Event Storming Workshops

"Qlerify makes it easy to create visual workflows, gather requirements and prioritize work”

Erik Myrlöv, CEO & Co-Founder  Bolageriet AB


"Qlerify is the missing piece I was looking for in mapping out the actual process of the user journey. Really great stuff - and so easy!”

Robert Mejlerö, CTO at TMC


"We have used Qlerify in several projects. As a software architect, I found Qlerify easy and powerful to visualize the business process for my clients.

Robert Jansz, Founder of Webking