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Qlerify is available as an app for Jira Cloud on the Atlassian Marketplace!

Everyone with a Jira Cloud instance can install the Qlerify app for free (limited edition). 

How it works:

1. Design your process/user journey extremely fast in Qlerify together with stake holders in real-time.

2. Enrich the model with cards (issues) of your choice, such as hot spots, comments, UI sketches, user stories or whatever your developers need to know.

3. Prioritise the content and reach consensus fast through collaborative voting, commenting and backlog prioritisation.

4. Create a high-level roadmap of your iterations/releases with User Story Mapping.

5. Transfer selected cards from Qlerify to your Jira Backlog.

6. Plan your sprints in Jira and start coding!

Before you can transfer issues from Qlerify to Jira, you need to connect Qlerify with Jira. Simply connect your Jira project to a Qlerify project and then select the desired workflow and transfer cards (issues) to Jira. Note that you have to be a Jira or Project Admin to install apps and map your Jira project to your Qlerify project. Detailed instructions below.

How to Install the Qlerify App

Start by searching for Qlerify on the Atlassian Marketplace.  Note that only Admins can install apps. The Qlerify app needs to view and update your Jira issues and you need to allow access for this. The Qlerify app is hosted in a region within the European Union in the AWS cloud infrastructure.  Select the Qlerify app in the Apps menu and click on Allow access.

Configuring Jira access for Qlerify

The next step is to create a Qlerify account from Jira.  

Image showing how to create a account from Jira

Now it is time to become creative! Go to and sign in with your new credentials and unleash your creativity. Watch this youtube video for a quick walkthrough on how to use Qlerify.


When you have created some amazing content in Qlerify, it is time to sign in to Qlerify from Jira and map your Qlerify project with your Jira project. 

Sign in to Jira image

Follow the below steps to map a Qlerify project with a Jira project:

  1. Select your Jira project from the Projects menu or create a new project

  2. Go to Project settings in the menu to the left (Please note only Jira Administrators and Project Administrators have the ability to access project settings and map projects. If you are not an Administrator please contact your Administrator for assistance).

  3. Click on Qlerify Mapping in the menu to the left under the Apps section

  4. Map your Qlerify project to your Jira project simply be selecting the Qlerify project you want to map to your Jira project from the list and click on the Apply button

Image showing how to map a project

The below confirmation is presented after you have successfully mapped your Qlerify project to your Jira project:

Image showing mapping confirmation

The next step is to go to cards overview, select a Qlerify workflow and the cards (issues) you want to transfer to Jira. The cards will be copied to the Backlog of your Jira project. Since the issue types in Qlerify can be different from the issue types in Jira, all cards are imported to Jira as Stories. Transferred cards  can be updated from Qlerify by transferring them to Jira again or directly in Jira. Please note that the content of the description field in Qlerify is copied to both the summary and description fields in Jira since Qlerify does not have a summary field.

Overview of cards in workflows

That's it! Please reach out if you need any assistance to We normally respond within 24 hours.

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