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Working with cards

Here you will find information on how to work with cards. Cards include information needed to develop an application and can include any type of requirements on the application according to your desired framework, such as DDD, Scrum or BEAM.

Click on the event/process step to add a card connected to this step. Click on the button “ADD CARD TO …”. Cards can be expressed in any desired format and you can add e.g. epics, user stories, UX requirements, non-functional requirements, business rules or any other information the developers need to know. Cards are displayed in a list below the diagram (the Product Backlog). Another way for adding cards to events is to drag the desired card type symbol to an event (the coloured boxes below the diagram to the right). 

Add a new card to an event/process step

You can assign a type to each card when you create them, such as Epic, User Story, Policy, UI sketch, etc. Select the relevant type from the dropdown list. You can change the type at any time. You can configure the types by clicking on the gear icon located at the upper right corner of the diagram.

Assign a type to a card

Click on the desired event/process step. Then click on the Actions symbol below the diagram to the right of the card you want to delete. Click on the delete/trash can symbol.

Delete a card

Click on the desired event/process step. Then click in the Description box below the diagram for the card you want to edit. Edit the text and press enter.

Edit a card

Click on the desired event/process step. Select the desired priority in the column “My Prio / Team Prio”. You can choose between Must have, Should have, Could have or Won’t have (according to the MoSCow scale). The “Team prio” is the average priority value based on the ranking from all team members. 

Prioritize cards

You can leave comments for cards. Click on the event/process step and then click on the reply symbol for the card below the diagram under the description.  Enter your comment and click on the save button. You can also approve/disapprove a card by clicking on thumbs up or down.

Comment on or approve cards

You can upload documents such as UI sketches or screenshots or provide a link to an external web page such as Figma or InVision. Click on the paper clip symbol under to the card description and select a document or paste a URL in the field. Click on "ATTACH" to save your changes. You can add or delete attachments at any time.

Add attachments for cards

Click on the text “(show all)” below the diagram to show all the cards for all events/process steps. You can also click anywhere in the diagram as long as you don't click on a process step/event. You can list the cards connected to an event by clicking on the event.

Show all cards 

Cards are listed in a Product Backlog under the diagram. You can choose the order of your Product Backlog items. Simply click on the left end of one row and move the card up or down to the desired position in the Product Backlog. 

Ranking cards/backlog items

You can mark a backlog item as completed by selecting “Done” in the Actions column. Completed items will no longer be displayed in the Product Backlog.

You can reopen a previously completed item by selecting the checkbox "Show Done" next to the search field and then selecting “Reopen” in the Actions columns and it will appear in the Product Backlog again.

Click the checkbox “Show Done” next to the search field to show only the completed backlog items.

Show/hide completed product backlog items (cards)

You can move one card from one event to an other event. Simply click on the row for the desired card under the header "Event" and select an other event from the list and then click the button "MOVE CARD".

Move a card to an other event
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