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Export Product Backlog

Here you will find information on how to export Product Backlog items (cards). 

You can export roles, events, cards/requirements, comments and rankings to a CSV-file. This file can then easily be imported to your favorite ALM-tool, such as Atlassian Jira, Microsoft Azure DevOps, CA Agile Central, CollabNet VersionOne, Atlassian Trello, etc. Select one of your workflows and click on the export button located at the top right corner of your diagram. Select export CSV.

Export content to excel

You can save a workflow and the corresponding Product Backlog in pdf format through your browser’s print function. Choose the desired scale and select “save as pdf” instead of sending the document to the printer.

Save as pdf file

You can export Product Backlog items to Jira through API integration. You will need to configure the integration to your Jira Cloud instance before this is possible. See the step by step guide for detailed instructions.

Export content to Jira
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