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Step 5: Export content to Jira or Excel

You can export your content by clicking on the export button in the top right corner of your workflow.

Screenshot 2021-08-22 at 14.22.11.png

You can choose between generating a CSV file or export to Jira through the Jira API. 

Simply click on what type you want to export. 

Export to CSV:

Screenshot 2021-08-22 at 14.27.27.png

Export to Jira:

Screenshot 2021-08-22 at 14.31.32.png

If you have not yet configured the Jira integration you need to complete the following steps:


1. Go to Settings (gear symbol at the top right part of the page header) and set up the Jira integration:



- Enter the domain of your Jira Cloud instance

- Enter the email address for the Jira user

- Enter the API token (follow the instructions in the provided link to generate a token)

2. Add a Jira project: 

Click on Add Project and select a Jira project from the list.


Now you are done with the Jira integration and can start transferring content to Jira!



Export backlog items to Jira:

- Select a workflow and click on the export button

- Select export to Jira

- Select a Jira project

- Select the backlog items you you want to export to Jira

- Click on export


Done! Backlog items should now be visible in the Backlog view in your Jira project.


A blue Jira icon will now appear in the Product Backlog in Qlerify for each backlog item that has been exported to Jira. By clicking on this item you can get a short status summary for your Jira backlog item from Qlerify.

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