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Visualise, Modell & Align with your team

Qlerify has proven its value by capturing business domain knowledge in many workshops. Usually by applying Event Storming, BPM, User Story Mapping or BEAM. A key is to model together with many stakeholders in real-time.

Use Qlerify for..

Eventstorming logo

Event Storming

EventStorming is a collaborative workshop technique used for domain-driven design and exploring complex business domains.

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BEAM is an effective methodology for collaborative data modelling. BEAM brings data modelers and business subject matter experts together.

Screenshot from inside the app of the workflow

Simplified BPMN

Business Process Modelling is a business analysis technique commonly used for capturing how a business process works and how individuals from different groups work together for a business initiative to achieve a business goal.

what is flowchart diagramming

Process Modeling

Process modeling is the practice of creating visual representations or diagrams that illustrate the steps, activities, and relationships involved in a particular process or workflow.

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