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Qlerify Product Update December 2022

Since the last product update we have been working on a few important and quite exciting improvements!

Improved User Story Mapping

With this feature you can visualise all your user stories or other card types in a user story map. You can move cards up or down between releases/iterations or you can move them between events/process steps. You can also apply a release filter to the entire workspace to visualise the content of a certain release/iteration.

Unlimited version history with undo / redo

While working intensely on modelling you might want to try another approach and go back to an earlier point in time. No problem! You can now step back and forward in the history or revert to a specific earlier version - all the way back to the start!

Qlerify as a Jira app

In the near future, Qlerify will be available as a Jira app on the Atlassian Marketplace. Qlerify will be integrated with Jira Cloud through the Forge API so that cards in Qlerify can be imported to the Backlog of a Jira project.

View for importing cards into Jira:

View of imported cards (issues) in the Jira Backlog:

New Design

The previous version of Qlerify used a notation based on BMPN, Business Process Modeling Notation. This notation is well known by process modelling experts but not by domain experts outside IT departments. After some usability tests we decided to change the look and feel of the user interface to look more like a whiteboard with sticky notes.

Qlerify is free to use for a limited number of users. Try it out at



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