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The recurring frustration when process diagrams are not up to date

Many users are frustrated with overcomplex business process modelling (BPM) tools and difficulties with keeping their business processes or user journeys up to date. Sometimes it is also difficult to involve stake holders related to changes in business processes. It is simply too complicated and it takes too long time to create and update diagrams. The result is obsolete diagrams or the necessity of using expensive consultants that maintain the diagrams. Obsolete diagrams can be an obstacle in software development.

Luckily, there is now a much better way of keeping your diagrams up to date. With Qlerify you can map your business processes or user journeys at the speed of thought. Think – create – share – get feedback in a matter of minutes. Qlerify is much faster and much easier to use than traditional process modelling tools. It is even faster than drawing on a whiteboard and your content is instantly shared with your remote team members that can co-edit content in real-time. Anyone can learn to use Qlerify in a matter of minutes! The incredible speed is accomplished through an automated way of doing the graphical layout of the diagram elements.

With Qlerify you can also define and connect your system requirements to your business processes or user journeys. You can also include comments, attachments or links to UI sketches or any other documents, thereby providing an excellent context and single source of truth to your developers. All content is structured in a prioritised product backlog that can easily be exported to your favourite agile planning tool, such as Jira.

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