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From confusion to code, 100x faster

Create business process apps without coding in minutes

Innovate faster with our new no code extension. Quickly define your business process and data with Generative AI. Then generate an executable web app to run your process. All in a matter of minutes! Collect feedback from end users and iterate several times per day.


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From confusion to code - Our unique approach



Create a process baseline with Gen AI



Refine the process model together



Create data models with Gen AI


Generate a prototype application

Iterate until all stake holders are happy!

Our Solution

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Generate a baseline process

Use Generative AI to generate a baseline process for any type of organization.

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Improve the process

Improve the process with all the stake holders in real-time and align the organisation. This is made possible by the unprecedented speed of our modeling interface.

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Generate data model

Capture example data in a business friendly way and create data models very fast with Generative AI. The output is actionable specifications that can be used by developers or for generating an app without coding (optional next step).

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Iterate fast

Now you can generate a prototype application to manage the process. The entire procedure can take as little as ten
minutes depending on the application. End users then provide feedback on the prototype and several iterations can be performed in a single day. 

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Generative AI:

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Transforming Process Modeling:

Qlerify's new AI Copilot Generates Models in Minutes

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